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While phone sex was created in the United States, the practice was first used in Australia during the 1960s. It gained popularity during the 1980s when divorce rates were high, and many men found comfort in talking to another human on the phone. Phone sex operators often act like counselors or psychologists, listening to their clients and trying to make them feel comfortable. Most successful phone sex girls know how to connect with men and establish a bond with them.

During the phone sex session, you can play up the anticipation by making small talk with your partner. Avoid talking about work or school assignments. If your partner does not feel comfortable with you expressing your desires, do not make it a point to make phone sex work. You can also tell your partner that phone sex isn’t for you. If you are unsure of your abilities, it is okay to ask for help.

Getting a partner interested in phone sex

Phone sex is a great way to please a partner. While it requires a little more effort, phone sex is a safe way to please your partner. This new technology is convenient, discreet, and allows you to see and hear intimate details in the privacy of your own home. In addition to being private, phone sex is also free. It is a safe way to engage in phone sex, since you can look your partner in the eye and talk without wall-to-wall communication.

In a recent survey, over one-third of Australian adults reported that they met a partner via the internet or on a smartphone application. More than half of those people had sex with a partner they met online. Fortunately, this number continues to rise.